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Eco-friendly product

Composed: tapioca, coconut shell and water

A starchy substance for bonding and shaping processed coconut shells

Coconut shell

The main burning element in coconut coal for hookah. Thanks to the correctly selected coconut and the sequence of its processing, at the end we get a high-quality product, which is able to heat the hookah bowl and reveal tobacco taste

Spring water

The finished product is checked according to many criteria.

Ignition speed
Combustion temperature
The impact on the taste of tobacco
The amount of ash and its structure
Burning time
Chemical composition
The ability to keep in shape during physical impact (squeezing in forceps, throwing into a censer or on a hookah saucer)


We value our reputation and are confident for the quality of our product, therefore, in case of any problems, we will refund the full amount or replace the goods. Shipping cost will be compensated as well

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Cocoloco 25 mm Horeca
HORECA de 25 mm
Cocoloco 25 mm
Cocoloco 25 mm
Cocoloco 26 mm Horeca
HORECA de 26 mm
Cocoloco 26 mm
Cocoloco 26 mm
Cocoloco 27 mm Horeca
HORECA de 27 mm
Cocoloco 27 mm
Cocoloco 27 mm
Cocoloco 25 mm MiniPack
Minipack de 25 mm
Cocoloco 26 mm Minipack
Minipack de 26 mm


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