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Premium-quality coconut coal

Leading manufacturer of coal for hookah

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New generation high-quality product, consist of 100% eco-friendly ingredients

  • smooth charcoal shape
  • ash less than 2.4%
  • does not crack
  • 1.5 hours of intense heat

About a company

Since 2016 COCOLOCO has been producing premium-quality charcoal for hookah. We built our own coconut charcoal processing plant in Indonesia. Whole production process is carried out on the modern equipment. Product qualities are checked at all stages of production.

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Cocoloco 25 mm Horeca
HORECA de 25 mm
Cocoloco 25 mm
Cocoloco 25 mm
Cocoloco 26 mm Horeca
HORECA de 26 mm
Cocoloco 26 mm
Cocoloco 26 mm
Cocoloco 27 mm Horeca
HORECA de 27 mm
Cocoloco 27 mm
Cocoloco 27 mm
Cocoloco 25 mm MiniPack
Minipack de 25 mm
Cocoloco 26 mm Minipack
Minipack de 26 mm


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